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Zeel Patel

I thank you that you took time from busy schedule and stopped at my website.

In this website you can find the most delicious and exotic vegetarian recipes all made at my home, tasted by my family, friends and relatives and at last recommended by them to put into this website. Zeel’s Kitchen is a personal blog / website which is designed and maintained by me and my husband. This website will provide you the true and authentic knowledge of all recipes and ingredients used in it.

The Instruments / Machines described in recipes are minimalistic and the measurements are exactly perfect. The recipes are for every skill level people and recipes are described with step by step methods with images.

Because of hectic schedule and stressful life, health related problems are biggest challenge to the world. This inspired me to cook both healthy and tasty food.

I am ZEEL and I am behind this website. I am working as a IT Head and Management Coordinator and also an Entrepreneur. Apart from this I am Passionate about cooking and blogging. I am a big foodie too. I like to travel and explore the local cuisine and try all kinds of food. Since childhood I loved all the mouth watering dishes prepared by my mom and grandma. Every dish prepared by her dedicates her love and devotion towards family.

I started cooking when I was a teenager. I cooked for my family, friends and relatives and they praised me a lot. First time I saw how to make a complete cake with icing in one food expo. On that day I have decided to learn baking. So I was searching for one course through which I can get the basics of baking. My search was over and I enrolled Chef in Bakery and Confessionary, vocational program running by Ahmadabad Management Association. I completed this course with A grade when I was employed at Gujarat University.

As I grew older I started experimenting with ingredients and flavors of kitchen. I love to attend all food related seminars, workshops and food festivals to explore culinary world. As an Entrepreneur I started Exoticocoa – My small home business of cakes and chocolates. I got success in that because of the support of  my mom and dad only.

After getting married, new responsibilities came on shoulders. But as cooking is my passion I won hearts of my In-Laws with my cooking. My husband discovered my talent and passion of cooking and encouraged me to start Zeel’s Kitchen . All recipes in Zeel’s Kitchen are original , tried at home and tasted by my trusted loved ones before going on website.

Apart from cooking, I also like to spend my time with my family and loved ones. Being Indian I like to celebrate Indian Festivals with family.

By profession I am a Computer Engineer but My father and My Hubby made me a chef and Entrepreneur.  I was not perfect cook from very first day but because of their constant inspiration and motivation today I am the founder of Zeel’s Kitchen. I cook tasty dishes but clicks taken by my husband convert them into awesome eye-catchy dishes.

Zeel’s Kitchen is known for its detailed vegetarian recipes, cooking tips and innovative ideas. My recipes are simple but tasty. I believe in healthy and hygienic cooking.

Try out my recipes and please give your feedbacks. Your suggestions are always welcomed. Your comments and likes always encouraged me .It feels connected with you all.