In India Milk and milk products are dominate in daily life and ghee is the King of them. Grandma used to say eat ghee. Ghee is healthy. But now a days in technical era people do not prefer to eat ghee because it’s a Fat.

Ghee is not just fat it’s a super fat. If you want to read the benefits of ghee, read the book “Indian super foods – Rujuta Diwekar”. She has explained very well with reasons. Ghee is a fat burner. It is good for mind development. Ghee is essential part of meal for pregnant women to babies. You can eat ghee without any fear. Ghee has much more benefits. You can do massage with the ghee, you can also use as a skin softner. Just rub the ghee on your feet before going to bed, you will sleep like a baby.

But the question is which type of ghee one should eat?? Pure COW Ghee .. !! In this time it is really difficult to get pure ghee from outside. So here I tried to explain you how to make fresh homemade ghee in video recipe.

Prepare the delicious Indian sweets from this homemade pure ghee.

Homemade Ghee
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
In India Milk and milk products are dominate in daily life and ghee is the King of them.
Recipe type: Indian
Cuisine: Indian
  • Cream
  • 3 tbsp Curd
  • Chilled Water
Instructions ( 1 cup = 250 ml, 1 tbsp = 15 ml, 1 tsp = 5 ml)
  1. Boil the milk. Allow it to cool. When it cools down completely, refrigerate it.
  2. Skim the cream ( malai ) from the top of the boiled milk every day.
  3. Store the cream in vessel and refrigerate it. You can freeze it also. Repeat the step for 7 to 10 days.
  4. On the day when you want to make fresh butter or ghee, keep out the vessel of cream from freeze and allow it to reach room temperature.
  5. Next step is to warm the cream to reach the optimum temperature to add curd ( dahi ). Do not heat the cream. Just warm it or leave the vessel on hot tawa ( flame should be off ).
  6. Add 3 – 4 table spoon of curd. Mix well. Cover the pan. Leave it in a warm dry place for 6 – 8 hours. Allow the cream to set like dahi.
  7. To check whether the cream is set or not, just tilt the vessel if cream leaves the sides, means cream is properly set.
  8. Transfer the cream into large vessel. Churn the cream with a wooden churner or electric hand blender on very low speed. When white butter starts to separate from cream, add chilled water gradually and churn.
  9. Churn till the white butter separates from cream completely. Now add more chilled water to set the white butter.
  10. After sometime separate the butter from butter milk. Wash the white butter for 2 – 3 times. Squeeze out all the butter milk from white butter.
  11. Here your home made fresh white butter is ready. Store in a air tight container and refrigerate it for daily use.
  12. How to make Ghee:
  13. Take a thick – bottomed iron or copper kadai. Heat the white butter on high flame till it melts completly.
  14. On a slow flame cook the butter till butter starts looking clear like ghee and the deposit of the ghee sets on the bottom of kadai. When deposit turn into light brown color, Ghee is ready. Turn off the flame.
  15. Allow the ghee to cool.
  16. Strain the ghee and store it in a closed air tight container.
Tips to check ghee is properly cooked or not :
  • Perfect ghee will be granular( danedar ) in texture when cooled down completely.
  • If ghee is undercooked, it will be waxy. Boil it again and cook it completely.
  • If ghee turns into brown color it is over cooked.
  • Notes
    Strain the left over buttermilk before use. You can use the buttermilk as a raw to drink.

    You can make kadhi from it.
    Enjoy white butter with roti, bhakhri, paratha, thepla, bajara roti, sandwich etc
    You can make delicious sweets from homemade ghee.