Roasted Poha Chivda | Maharashtrian Roasted Poha Chivda | Nylon Flatten Rice Mixture

Roasted Poha Chivda or Mixture is a popular Maharashtrian tea time savory snack made using poha or flatten rice, Daliya/Chana dal, peanuts, coconut chips, green chili, turmeric, salt, cashew, and raisins. It is a simple, aromatic, flavourful recipe.

Roasted Poha Chivda / Maharashtrian Roasted Poha Chivda / Nylon Flatten Rice Mixture

All the ingredients are available in our kitchen. You have to dry roast poha and fry the remaining ingredients separately. Prepare the tadka and mix everything. Your delectable Roasted Poha chivda is ready!!

There are many varieties of farsan/namkeen/mixture/chivda available in the market. It is spicy, crispy, and tasty. Poha Chiwda is a very unique, healthy, vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free homemade snack option.

Poha is also known as Poua in Gujarati, Pohe in Marathi, Fov in Konkani, Avalakki in Kannada, Atukulu in Telugu, and Aval in Tamil.

It has the crispiness of poha and nuttiness of peanuts and cashews. It is spicy because we have added green chilies to it. You can adjust the spice level according to your taste preference.

I have used the thin-variety of Poha, also available in-store as Nylon Poha / Chivda Poha, which becomes crispy when roasted. It is advisable to use a heavy bottom Kadai or pan to dry roast poha in low flame, or it will burn. Also, be gentle while stirring the poha, else it will start to break. If you have thick poha, I suggest frying them. Fried versions of the mixture are prepared during the Diwali festival.

You can oven roast poha, cashew nuts, peanuts, and coconut chips for a few minutes on high power to minimize the use of oil.

I always prefer homemade snacks because I choose the high quality of ingredients, no preservatives, no food color, and good quality of the oil. These homemade snacks, therefore, are healthy and hygienic too.

Roasted Poha Chivda / Maharashtrian Roasted Poha Chivda / Nylon Flatten Rice Mixture

Once the Poha mixture is ready, let it cool down to room temperature and store it in an air-tight container or jar. It has a longer shelf life and stays fresh up to 15 days. Serve this poha chivda as a tea time evening or mid-morning snack. It is a light snack option. You can also give it to your kids in their school tiffin box or your office snack box.

I love making this during Diwali in big batch along with Mohanthal, Farsi puri, Bajri vada, Ghughra, Cholafali, Suwali, Chakri, Shakkarpara, Kaju Shaped Nimki, Gulab Jamun, Dates and Nuts Ladoo, Mohanthal, Magash, Koprapak, etc. I make a lot of foodstuffs and stock it up during Diwali, so whenever any guest arrives or wants to munch up guilt-free, these food items have a longer shelf life.

Here is the video recipe of Roasted Poha Chivda :

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Here is the recipe card of the Roasted Poha Chivda Recipe :

Roasted Poha Chivda | Maharashtrian Roasted Poha Chivda
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Roasted Poha Chivda or Mixture is a popular Maharashtrian tea time savory snack. It is a simple, aromatic, flavourful recipe.
  • Chivda poha / Nylon poha - 250 gms
  • Peanuts - ⅓ cup
  • Fried Bengal gram / Daliya Dal - ¼ cup
  • Dry coconut - ½ , thinly sliced
  • Cashews - ¼ cup
  • Green chilis - 3-4, fine chopped
  • Curry leaves - 2 spring
  • Turmeric powder - ½ tsp
  • Salt - 1 tsp, as per taste
  • Hing - a pinch
  • Oil - ¼ cup
Instructions ( 1 cup = 250 ml, 1 tbsp = 15 ml, 1 tsp = 5 ml)
  1. Make thin chips of dry coconut using a sharp knife.
  2. Fine chop the chilies and keep it aside.
  3. Heat wide and big Kadai.
  4. Dry roast poha until it turns crisp.
  5. Stir continuously otherwise poha will start to burn at the bottom.
  6. Let them cool down.
  7. Sift them in a wheat calendar to remove small and powdered particles.
  8. Heat oil in a Kadai.
  9. Fry coconut chips until they start to brown from sides.
  10. Remove them on a plate.
  11. Same way fry peanuts until done.
  12. Now fry Bengal gram until done.
  13. Add everything on top of roasted poha.
  14. Now in the same oil, add green chilies, curry leaves and cashews.
  15. Fry them until the chilies dry out completely and at the same time cashews will turn in pink color.
  16. Add hing and turmeric powder. Mix well.
  17. Pour it on roasted poha. Add salt according to taste.
  18. Quickly mix them. Cook for 2-3 minutes only.
  19. Remove chivda from flame. Let it cool down completely.
  20. Store in a stainless steel airtight container and enjoy it until it gets over.