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Tempered Masala Rice

Tempered Masala Rice is nothing but left over rice simply cooked with onion, tomatoes and regular Indian masala. Whenever I

Tomato Capsicum Rice

This Tomato Capsicum Rice is just my recent try when I found some left over rice in my refrigerator and

Paneer Fried Rice

Paneer fried rice is a delicious variation of routine Chinese fried rice. Paneer fried rice is an Indian variation of

Spicy Capsicum Rice

Spicy Capsicum Rice is simple, fast and flavorful dish, quick and easy-to-make and so tasty! Capsicum rice / green bell

Rice Paratha

Imagine a dish for breakfast from leftover rice …! Rice Paratha is the perfect to use the leftover rice, kids

Lemon Rice

Have you ever tried lemon rice? Lemon rice is a great way to liven up plain rice, it's south Indian