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Lachha Paratha

Parathaaaa !!! Even Lachha Paratha !!!! This style of paratha turns out crispy and with several layers. Lachha paratha or

Dudhi Thepla ( Lauki Thepla)

Ayurveda mentioned lots of benefits of Lauki. Dudhi or lauki is easily digestible and one of the best cooling agents

Stuffed Mint Potato Paratha

Stuffed Mint Potato Paratha..!! Hot and refreshing parathas from the griddle are always mouth watering which can be served as

Peanut Butter Paratha

Presenting peanut butter paratha ..! One more recipe for peanut and paratha lovers! Really! Today in this mist monsoon morning

Garlic Naan

Garlic Naan is most familiar and very popular in the South Asian countries like India at in all restaurants and

Rice Paratha

Imagine a dish for breakfast from leftover rice …! Rice Paratha is the perfect to use the leftover rice, kids

Onion Coriander Paratha

Want to have something different in breakfast ! Then try onion coriander paratha. This is not the usual onion stuffed

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is everyone's favourite. This needs no explanation. Aloo paratha is most popular paratha recipe from Punjab. Spicy potato

Multigrain Paratha

I am here wishing that you all try one of my favorite Healthy Paratha recipes as most of them are