Do you know how cake baking tools are helpful in your baking? How are they helpful in improving your skills? We will help you to prepare your own baking kit according to your area of interest. There are so many tools and equipment available in stores. We are trying to prepare a generic list of the tools required for the cake making.

Cake making is a collection of different phases –Measuring, Mixing, Baking, Cooling, and Decoration.In each phase,  you need different cake baking tools. So phase-wise we are segregating them.


How baking is different from cooking in terms of heat? Why do we need specific types of equipment for baking?

Baking is a method of preparing food using Dry Heat. So for baking a cake we can use an OTG oven or Microwave with convection mode. You can also convert your regular pressure cooker into your oven. Let’s understand how these three are working.

OTG Oven – OVEN TOASTER GRILLER is an oven that comes with heating rods. It converts the electrical energy into heat to create a high temperature at which the food bakes.

Microwave with Convection mode – Microwave convection mode has more powder than OTG. So it takes Lil less time to bake. In this mode, the heater turns on & the fan is provided inside the microwave chamber which circulates the air throughout the chamber to give that baking effect to the item placed inside.

Cooker – You can convert your pressure cooker in an oven for baking by following below steps :

  • Spread some salt at the bottom. 
  • Keep a stand to give some height to the baking utensil.
  • Remove the gasket and whistle. 
  • Preheat on high flame for 10 min.
  • Then bake on low-medium flame for a given time.

Below is the list of 20 cake baking tools along with some pictures.


Measuring Cups Measuring Spoons Digital Kitchen
Weighing Scale

1. Measuring Cups and Spoons: Glass cups / Measuring cups and spoons are invaluable tools for beginners and professional bakers. For scooping and leveling metal cups and spoons are best. In the market glass cups are also available for wet ingredients.

Measuring Cups:

1 Cup = 250 ml / 240 ml,

1/2 Cup = 125 ml / 120 ml,

1/3 cup = 80 ml,

1/4 cup = 60 ml,

1/8 cup = 30 ml

Measuring Spoons:

1 tbsp = 15 ml,

1 tsp = 5 ml,

1/2 tsp = 2.5 ml,

1/4 tsp = 1.25 ml,

1/8 tsp = 0.625 ml

2. Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale: It is the most accurate way of measuring the ingredients. If you are passionate about baking/cooking then you can think of investing in it. It can be very helpful to convert your casual baking into professional baking.



Sifter / Strainer Mixing Bowls Silicone Spatula
Hand Whisk Electric Whisk Stand Mixer


3. Sifter / Strainer: The first step of any recipe to mix dry ingredients and sift them. Sifting helps to combine the dry ingredients evenly and make it lump-free before they are mixed with wet ingredients. Sifted flour is much lighter than unsifted flour, helps to make a cake spongy and light.

4. Mixing Bowls: Use your regular set of 2-3 bowls available in your kitchen for mixing ingredients accordingly.

5. Silicone Spatula: This is a very handy tool to remove cake batter from the bowl and scraping the edges to get every last bit of it.

6. Whiskers: Creaming butter(fat) and sugar is one of the key steps in cake making. That’s why whiskers are required.

  • Manual Hand Whisk: These are easily available in any kitchen equipment shop. 
  • Electric Hand Whisk: It will make creaming of sugar and butter easy and faster in some recipes. It is required to whip the cream for cake frosting.
  • Stand mixer: You may require this while working with large quantities.


Cake tins Oven Gloves Pastry Brush


7. Pastry Brush: It is used to grease the cake pan before you pour cake batter.

8. Parchment Paper: It is a thin sheet of paper that is used to prevent baking foods from sticking to the pan which helps in cleaning utensils much easier;-) 

9. Cake Pans/ Baking Trays: There are different types of cake tins and baking trays available in different sizes and shapes. Invest them based on your requirements and needs.

  • Regular cake pans for making all kinds of cake sponges. It comes in various sizes and shapes like round, square, heart, rectangular.